6 Jan

Enhance Your Gaming Experience With The Best Tabletop Game

There are varieties of games available in the market, but out of them board games are very popular. Tabletop game which is also known as board game, dice game, card game etc. is played on the table or on a flat surface. These games are very different from any regular game and they involve use of mental ability.  Even many national and international game competitions are also organised in which top gamers participate and they compete for the trophy. From the last few years an increase has been seen in the demand of the games and due to this many new board games are also introduced.

Categories of board games

Party games: Party games as the name suggests are meant for parties. They add spark in your party. There are different types of games that can be played at party such as Taboo, Time’s up, Krazy maze, Malarkey, Verso recto, wet head, Imaginiff, cranium and many more.

Card games: Card games are played with the cards out of which some are traditional and some belong to family of card games. There are many folk games also that are played by cards and the rules for playing differ on the culture and region. There are many card games such as trick tacking, Shedding, matching, Comparing, solitaire, Pictionary, Clue, monopoly etc.

Race game: In racing game, the first gamer who completes the track is the winner. This is one of the earliest games known for its implementation and presentation. In this game, a dice is used to decide who will play the first turn and how many moves will be made. Game of the goose, Candy land, Cross and circle game, senet, snakes and ladder, Xiang Jing, Transformers, Uncle wiggly are some of the popular racing games.

Educational board game: Educational games are the best and most played board games. Through these games the children can easily learn and it will also increase their brain power. It also enhances the creativity and physical ability of the children. Brain Quest, Damath, Keep cool, Zombie pox, Game for dummies, Star power, Test the board game, Kolejka are some of the popular educational board game.